Python wrapper for GitLab json rpc api

Posted by Timo Kluck on ma 26 november 2012

I wrote a small python wrapper for GitLab's api. You can find it here. Usage:

import gitlab
token = 'qp6szjqmk8bTyMBrnJo5'  #  get an API token from the account preferences panel
gl  u'name': u'GITLAB',
 u'owner': {u'blocked': False,
  u'created_at': u'2011-12-08T15:12:35Z',
  u'email': u'',
  u'id': 1,
  u'name': u'Administrator'},
 u'path': u'gitlab',
 u'private': True,
 u'wall_enabled': True,
 u'wiki_enabled': True}

You have to use an extra pair of brackets because of the implementation detail that you can also call:


This makes sense in a webapi but not really in a Python api. Well, maybe I'll make that a bit prettier some time.